Blarbuie and ACT

Now that the Argyll and Bute Hospital has closed, Blarbuie Woodland Board have been reviewing the function of the Enterprise. Over the years there has been less of a need to provide supervised and sheltered employment and so we have widened our remit and engaged in health and wellbeing projects and activities that have been of benefit to the wider community. These have been well received.

In order to preserve the woodland as a community resource the Board have been in discussion with Argyll and the Isles Coast and Countryside Trust (ACT) and we have submitted an expression of interest to NHS Highland for continued use of the land. Initial feedback is positive. Blarbuie Woodland Enterprise is too small an organisation to go it alone, so our advice to members is to amalgamate with ACT. (See for more details about ACT).

As one of ACT’s projects Blarbuie Woodland would be able to be maintained and ACT can also apply for funding for new community-based projects. The focus on health and wellbeing initiatives will continue as the aims of both organisations are closely aligned.

In terms of Article 90 of Blarbuie Woodland’s Constitution we now propose that Blarbuie Woodland Enterprise is dissolved as a charity at the end of 2019 and we become a project under the auspices of ACT. If anyone has any objection to this, please put this in writing to us within 21 days of this notification. No contact will be taken as agreement.

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