Nursing & Other Staff


“Recovery is being able to live a meaningful and satisfying life, as defined by each person, in the presence or absence of symptoms. It is about having control over and input into your own life. Each individual’s recovery, like his or her experience of the mental health problems or illness, is a unique and deeply personal process.” - Scottish Recovery Network

Extracts from Argyll & Bute Asylum Reports


“The Lorne and Argyll dormitories have been connected by means of a bridge; and extension of the male department is in progress………….The work is being carried out by the patients and staff, who are to do everything except the slater work.”

“The painter-attendant, who was appointed last year, is assisted by two, and sometimes three, patients, and has succeeded in overtaking all the necessary work without any hired assistance.

The shoemaker, with the aid of a few patients, has kept the boots and shoes of the patients in repair, and has, in addition, been able to make house-shoes for about 60 persons”

“ A further section of the new road round the feu has been practically completed, and a circular walk, nearly a mile in length, is now available for the exercise of patients.”

“ The laundry has been supplied with machinery, consisting of washing, ironing, and wringing machines, all driven by a 10-horse power engine”


“ The importance of industrial occupation in the treatment of the insane has not been overlooked……….Till quite recently the women spun all the yarn required……..Of late years, however, so few of the female patients admitted were found able to spin that it has become impossible any longer to carry on this branch of industry.”


“Attention has been drawn in a former report to the inadequacy and unsuitability of the present accommodation for the staff. A small dormitory, in which the beds are so overcrowded as almost to touch each other, is the accommodation given to 10 nurses.”

“One male attendant left immediately on being shown the unsatisfactory bedroom he was to occupy.”

“The married attendants are provided with suitable cottages, and the duration of their services is excellent.”

“It is worthy of note that all the extensions of the last ten years have been built by the staff and patients. These additions are valued at £8983, their cost was only £3427, and they provide accommodation for 102 persons.”

“In no asylum in Scotland have additions to accommodation been made at so small a cost to the ratepayers.”

Medical Superintendants


1863 - 1870 Dr John Sibbald

1870 - 1873 Dr Rutherford

1873 - 1908 Dr John Cameron

1908 - 1914 Dr Charles Shaw

1914 - 1946 Dr Cameron Ross

1946 - 1948 Dr David Ross

1948 - 1953 Dr Alan P Russell

1953 - 1979 Dr Iain MacCammond

1980 – 2004 Dr Angus MacKay – Final superintendant

2004 - 2014 Dr Grace Ferguson