“……location of the Clydesdale and Union Banks offices and agencies of 13 insurance companies and 5 good inns.

The weaving of woollen cloth is carried on in two factories, and dyeing is also engaged in. There is a considerable fishing population. Horse markets are held on the third Thursday of March, and on the second Thursday after the fourth Thursday in Novemeber.

A cattle market is held on the Wednesday fourteen days after the Kilmichael fair on the last Wednesday in May.

Lochgilphead contains the Argyll and Bute District asylum for the Insane, and the Combination poorhouse for the parishes of Glassary, Kimartin, Kilcalmonell, and North and South Knapdale.

The former was erected in 1862-64. In 1883, the Lunacy Board for the counties of Argyll and Bute decided to obtain more accommodation by erecting a building apart from the Asylum, to be occupied mainly by industrial patients.

The new building is 202 feet long and three stories high. It has accommodation for120, and its cost was £11,000. The fittings are of the most complete description, and the arrangement of rooms, dormitories, bath-rooms, etc, excellent.”

Wards within the hospital were named after Islands and parishes in Argyll and Bute. The wards were described by the type of care required and patient accommodated, as Long Term Geriatric, Alcoholism, Long Term Quiet, Acute Disturbed and Refactory.

Male Infirmary

Cowal Ward

Argyll Ward

Islay Ward

Tiree Ward

Appin Ward

Duntrune Ward

Female Infirmary

Kintyre Ward

Bute Ward